Plan de estudios / Course structure. European Master of Science in Implant Dentistry 2020

Enseñanza a distancia.

Una serie de webinars serán impartidos en jornadas de viernes/sábado durante el mes de Septiembre

Al finalizar la semana presencial el alumno deberá completar un proyecto de investigación con apoyo docente online.

The program has been developed to facilitate core knowledge and learning skills without the need to attend several units throughout a year.

The program is structured in two main components:

Module 1:

A series of lectures, tutorials and hands on exercises will be delivered through a series of webinars on Friday/Saturday sessions.

All delegates will be taught in research methodology and ethics, philosophy of research, statistical analysis, data presentation and scientific writing.

Module 2. Research dissertation:

Participants will be guided towards the completion of an original piece of research. Assigned tutors from the University will provide online support and mentoring in a one-to-one basis for the duration of the course. 

After completion of the research dissertation, all candidates will be invited to present their thesis on a viva examination (usually 12 months after the program start).

Clínica Universitaria - Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Edificio Departamental II – Clínica Universitaria Campus de Alcorcón
Avenida de Atenas, s/n – 28922 Alcorcón